In 1999, Mazapan School's library was renamed the Swinford Library and Media Center in honor of William Steele Swinford, general manager of the Standard Fruit of Honduras company from 1976 to 1978 and from 1990 to 1999. Mr. Swinford was the driving force that led to the creation of Swinford Park, one of La Ceiba's best-known and most beautiful attractions.






This is the view that greets visitors after they enter through the library's front door. At the forefront is a table that showcases some of the library's most recent and most popular acquisitions in the Young Adult literary genre. The library's circulation desk from which daily operations are managed also appears in this picture.  



​This is the library's High School section. In this picture, a portion of the Adult Fiction section appears on the left. A portion of the High School Nonfiction section appears on the right.


The library's High School section also contains an entire set of shelves dedicated to Young Adult Literature, another set of shelves to house the library's collection of dictionaries, and another set of shelves that house the library's Spanish books section.



The library also houses a collection of reference works, some of which can be seen in the bookshelves at the bottom of this picture. On the left are the standing bookshelves that contain books for readers aged 3 to 6 years old. The wall shelves at the right house a portion of the library's Elementary Fiction and nonfiction sections.


The beautiful tree with lights was created and produced by Mrs. Lurbin Crespo.  




This is the Art Center, a section of the library dedicated to the creation of various pieces of art, by Mrs. Crespo and by her Elementary and High School students.

This is the Viewing Room, a space where conferences, classes, faculty meetings and other events are held. Movie viewings, Skype conferences, webinars and other multimedia supported events also take place in this room.